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The epidemic ruthless people have feelings, epidemic prevention line to give true feelings.
Sources:泰桑国际  Post time:2020-7-30
  In 2020, a sudden outbreak of "new coronavirus pneumonia" broke out in Wuhan, then swept the whole country and the world, the situation has improved with the joint efforts of medical personnel and people across the country. However, on July 22, 2020, in the city where we live, the outbreak flared up again and spread rapidly.
  In this war of prevention and control, which is not smokey, but concerns the safety of everyone's life, everyone living in this city needs to do their best to fight the epidemic. In the past week, Dalian in the face of sudden outbreaks, rapid response, into the anti-epidemic mode, within a few days to complete the city's people's nucleic acid testing, millions of Dalian people do not need to mobilize, automatically form a tacit understanding, active cooperation. Our medical staff and community staff all on duty, during the day in the hot sun wearing impervious protective clothing, sweat soaked clothes, night also busy into the night, here to you a hard, thank you for your efforts, like you to pay the highest respect!

  In the same boat to help each other, watch and help. As an enterprise, in the critical moment of anti-epidemic, should give full play to social responsibility, with community work, we Taisan International Engineering Co. , Ltd. also do our best, the first time for our medical staff and community staff sent mineral water, noon for our medical staff carefully prepared tea and fruit, and provide a place for lunch break, so that our medical staff can have a good rest, the afternoon to continue to fight, they are really hard!

We can not like medical personnel in the first line of anti-epidemic, can not be like community staff to direct the public to wait for nucleic acid testing, but we can use our own way for the city to rally anti-epidemic forces, do a good job of their own protection, listen to the unified command, fully cooperate with medical personnel testing, do not gather, do not rumor, do not walk, not necessary, not off.
  In this most critical moment of prevention and control, we Taisan company will continue to use our responsibility and responsibility, love and adhere to the fight against the epidemic, for the community to contribute a force!
  The outbreak is coming, we fight against the wind!The millions of people are all of one mind, the audiences remember Cheng Cheng!
  Win this outbreak prevention and control war!
  Dalian line! Dalian can!
  Dalian refueling! China refueling!