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Designing and Construction Qualification of Offshore Architectural Decoration Project and Domestic International Bidding Project


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We have been in the same boat for 30 years. Thank you for your company!
Sources:泰桑装饰  Post time:2020-7-22
No trace to know the flow of light, there is a dream do not feel cold life.

With the wave of reform and opening up, TAISANG International Engineering Co., Ltd. has gone through 30 years. Since the establishment of TAISANG International Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1990, we have been adhering to the entrepreneurial tenet of "quality as the foundation of business establishment, integrity as the road to prosperity", and set foot on the journey of expeditions with firm steps.

Down with firm footprints, head up with a clear distance! There are not only rivers and lakes that can be inhabited everywhere, but also brave men who pursue the wind and dream. It turns out that our choice is right. We make every effort to make TAISANG International Engineering Co., Ltd. prosperous with responsibility and rationality, honesty and persistence.

All encounters are meaningful. All the past is the preface. In the past 30 years, whether it is sweating in a foreign land, or based in China, committed to all-round cooperation with international well-known enterprises, our vision has always been focused on the international vision, standing on a higher dimension to promote the high-quality development of TAISANG International Engineering Co., Ltd.

There are special skills, no business domain; believe in the way of heaven, integration and symbiosis. Facing the new journey, TAISANG International Engineering Co., Ltd. will continue to carry forward the business philosophy of "honesty and trustworthiness, steady progress, continuous innovation, pursuit of high quality, creation value and return to the society". With our wisdom, courage and responsibility, we will provide high-quality products and satisfactory services to customers all over the world, and continue to create our brilliant future!

Live up to the mission of mountain, live up to the great era!