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Cohesion, down-to-earth, steady forward!
Sources:泰桑装饰  Post time:2019-5-27
"Walk, is going on foot". Dalian in spring exudes infinite charm and attracts numerous tourists from home and abroad. In May with a clear sky, we also ushered in the annual Dalian International Walking Festival.

On the occasion of the Walking Festival, Taisang International organise the team outdoor activities to enrich the employees' spare time, to exercise, relax, and at the meantime,to enhance team cohesion. Employees of the company responded enthusiastically and devoted themselves to it. Some of our colleagues are not able to participate in due to work arrangements,and expressed their understanding without complaint. Durning the walking, we not only gained the scenery along the way, but also full of positive energy.

Dalian International Walking Festival is held on the third weekend of May every year. According to the different abilities of individuals, the company chose the level of 5 kilometers. With the happy crowds, we walk together in the beautiful East Harbour, bathed in warm sunshine, breathing fresh air, accompanied by beautiful scenery, heading for the end.

The walkers set out from East Harbour Music Fountain Square. The company's banner lead us the way forward. The people around jostle each other in a crowd,from the lively children to the white-haired old people, they all talked, laughed and walked ,no one complain about the boredom or fatigue of walking. We stop and walk, laugh and talk, take pictures, and enjoy the happiness that we do not have in the ordinary day.

At the end of the walk,everyone was smiling and happy. Because, we all feel walking with our hearts, along the way, the beautiful scenery has a panoramic view, the harmony and unity between human and nature, so that everyone is extremely comfortable. In the process of walking,the employees support each other, encourage each other, and jointly adhere to the completion of this walk, a perfect interpretation of everyone for me, I for everyone's team spirit.

A person's life is like a hike, with happiness, fatigue, perseverance and hesitation. The people and things you experience are the scenery along the way, coming face to face, passing you by again, and what falls on your negative is the harvest of your life and the best memories. Walking is boring, but we can choose the way to make ourselves happy and keep moving in this direction.