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The "City Studio Fragrant Stove Reef Store" undertaken by Taisang International was successfully com
Sources:泰桑装饰  Post time:2018-7-30
    With the successful completion of the "city study reef store", which was undertaken by the Thai International, it took a month of time in the cooperation and management of the various departments of the Thai International and scientific organization. It is possible that the work style of the Thai people may be the same work style for 28 years. Although the time of this project is heavy, it is the biggest affirmation that the city leaders, the district leaders and the construction units agree to be unanimous.

    "City study reef store" is the first three urban study rooms in Xigang district. As the key livelihood project of Xigang District, the construction of urban study will be carried out year by year. According to the actual investigation and the needs of the citizens, more and more urban studies are seen in Xigang municipal society.
    Urban study is mainly to meet the busy day work, or more like the needs of the public in the evening reading, business hours are longer than ordinary libraries and bookstores, the initial operation plan to open the opening time will continue to 10 o'clock in the evening, later will be adjusted according to the actual needs of the public. The citizen brush identity card or the reader card of the Xigang library will automatically open and close, providing readers and friends with the quiet space of reading, learning, cultural exchange, and providing self-help circulation services such as books and books.